Stephen Mandel (Lone Pine Capital) Portfolio December 31, 2021

Stephen Mandel, revealed in a recent regulatory filing his newest positions. In his Lone Pine Capital Llc’s portfolio you can find the top 29 holdings based on Mandel’s 13F filings as of December 31, 2021.

I also made more detailed analysis of the top 5 holdings. Check here for latest Stephen Mandel Portfolio Analysis.

No.StockClassValue% of total portfolioSharesPrice per share*
1AMAZON COM INCCOM2,058,358,0008.4617,3213334.34
2SHOPIFY INCCL A1,914,069,0007.81,389,6351377.39
3MASTERCARD INCORPORATEDCL A1,732,927,0007.14,822,796359.32
4BATH & BODY WORKS INCCOM1,695,916,0006.924,300,26869.79
5WORKDAY INCCL A1,588,451,0006.55,814,667273.18
6MICROSOFT CORPCOM1,578,845,0006.54,694,472336.32
7SNAP INCCL A1,574,500,0006.533,478,63747.03
8SERVICENOW INCCOM1,301,846,0005.32,005,586649.11
9DOORDASH INCCL A1,228,733,0005.08,252,069148.9
10MATCH GROUP INC NEWCOM1,173,359,0004.88,872,280132.25
11UNITEDHEALTH GROUP INCCOM1,152,957,0004.72,296,087502.14
12VISA INCCOM CL A1,047,495,0004.34,833,625216.71
14FARFETCH LTDORD SH CL A817,027,0003.324,439,93333.43
15KE HLDGS INCSPONSORED ADS622,856,0002.630,957,06320.12
16ADOBE SYSTEMS INCORPORATEDCOM620,201,0002.51,093,713567.06
17DATADOG INCCL A COM582,897,0002.43,272,681178.11
18SNOWFLAKE INCCL A557,799,0002.31,646,640338.75
19VICTORIAS SECRET AND COCOMMON STOCK455,195,0001.98,195,81055.54
20NETEASE INCSPONSORED ADS453,180,0001.94,452,541101.78
21CONFLUENT INCCLASS A COM335,347,0001.44,398,57276.24
22PVH CORPORATIONCOM326,951,0001.33,065,646106.65
23MARQETA INCCLASS A COM300,077,0001.217,476,79517.17
24SWEETGREEN INCCOM CL A145,808,0000.64,556,50332.0
25AMPLITUDE INCCOM CL A99,368,0000.41,877,00052.94
26AVIDXCHANGE HOLDINGS INCCOM76,514,0000.35,080,63215.06
27VTEXSHS CL A56,547,0000.25,274,88710.72
28BLOCK INCCL A44,798,0000.2277,372161.51
29FRESHWORKS INCCLASS A COM7,222,0000.0275,00026.26

*Price per share is the stock price on the date of the portfolio.

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