Seth Klarman (Baupost Group) Portfolio March 31, 2022

Seth Klarman, revealed in a recent regulatory filing his newest positions. In his Baupost Group’s portfolio you can find the top 50 holdings based on Klarman’s 13F filings as of December 31, 2021.

Seth Andrew Klarman is an American billionaire investor, hedge fund manager, and author. He is a proponent of value investing. He is the chief executive and portfolio manager of the Baupost Group, a private investment partnership he founded in 1982. The Baupost Group now manages around $12,5 billion and has averaged returns of nearly 20% annually since their inception.

Seth Klarman, revealed in a recent regulatory filing his newest positions. In his Baupost Group’s portfolio you can find the top 50 holdings based on Klarman’s 13F filings as of March 31, 2022.

No.StockClassValue% of total portfolioSharesPrice per share*
1LIBERTY GLOBAL PLCSHS CL C1,398,397,00015.053,971,30725.91
2QORVO INCCOM824,733,0008.96,645,712124.1
3INTEL CORPCOM822,321,0008.816,592,43149.56
4VIASAT INCCOM794,901,0008.516,288,95948.8
5ALPHABET INCCAP STK CL C681,182,0007.3243,8902792.99
6LIBERTY MEDIA CORP DELCOM C SIRIUSXM510,419,0005.511,161,58945.73
7VERITIV CORPCOM476,173,0005.13,564,439133.59
8FISERV INCCOM404,423,0004.33,988,391101.4
9WILLIS TOWERS WATSON PLC LTDSHS290,779,0003.11,230,966236.22
10SS&C TECHNOLOGIES HLDGS INCCOM282,634,0003.03,767,44975.02
11LIBERTY MEDIA CORP DELCOM A SIRIUSXM256,887,0002.85,619,93645.71
12DROPBOX INCCL A245,777,0002.610,571,04623.25
13MICRON TECHNOLOGY INCCOM242,314,0002.63,110,97477.89
14NEXSTAR MEDIA GROUP INCCL A216,317,0002.31,147,692188.48
15META PLATFORMS INCCL A215,669,0002.3969,911222.36
16ENCOMPASS HEALTH CORPCOM213,330,0002.33,000,00071.11
17GARRETT MOTION INCPFD CONV SER A210,722,0002.325,480,2928.27
18LIBERTY GLOBAL PLCSHS CL A195,335,0002.17,657,20525.51
19DIGITALBRIDGE GROUP INCCL A COM132,238,0001.418,366,3597.2
20THERAVANCE BIOPHARMA INCCOM130,430,0001.413,643,3339.56
21VERINT SYS INCCOM114,132,0001.22,207,57651.7
22ATARA BIOTHERAPEUTICS INCCOM75,468,0000.88,123,6169.29
23ADVANTAGE SOLUTIONS INCCOM CL A74,285,0000.812,039,9526.17
24ARCHAEA ENERGY INCCOM CL A65,488,0000.73,121,50320.98
25NUVATION BIO INCCOM CL A54,933,0000.610,443,4945.26
26AVANTI ACQUISITION CORPSHS CL A39,440,0000.44,000,0009.86
27IRONSOURCE LTDCL A ORD SHS38,098,0000.47,936,9884.8
28LIBERTY MEDIA ACQUISITION COCOM SR A31,282,0000.33,156,5989.91
29THERAVANCE BIOPHARMA INCNOTE 3.250%11/028,562,0000.330,000,0000.95
30GRAY TELEVISION INCCOM28,491,0000.31,290,91622.07
31POST HOLDINGS PARTNERING CORCOM SER A26,200,0000.3378,28469.26
32GARRETT MOTION INCCOM25,704,0000.33,575,0007.19
33ALTIMETER GROWTH CORP 2COM CL A24,287,0000.32,473,1809.82
34GRAB HOLDINGS LIMITEDCLASS A ORD20,431,0000.26,105,1013.35
35DRAGONEER GROWTH OPT CORP IICL A SHS19,250,0000.21,964,2889.8
36CULLINAN ONCOLOGY INCCOM16,077,0000.21,535,56010.47
37JOBY AVIATION INCCOMMON STOCK13,023,0000.11,967,2446.62
38TRILOGY METALS INC NEWCOM11,682,0000.111,125,5661.05
39BELLRING BRANDS INCCOMMON STOCK11,069,0000.1479,58323.08
40SVF INVESTMENT CORPCL A SHS9,695,0000.1989,2679.8
41OUTBRAIN INCCOM8,498,0000.1792,00010.73
42FINCH THERAPEUTICS GROUP INCCOM5,649,0000.11,123,1085.03
43NOBLE CORP NEWSHS3,463,0000.0104,92833.0
44PERSHING SQUARE TONTINE HLDG*W EXP 07/24/2021,785,0000.01,898,7110.94
45ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA N V*W EXP 12/17/2021,564,0000.0698,1992.24
46JOBY AVIATION INC*W EXP 08/10/2021,432,0000.0867,8961.65
47REDBALL ACQUISITION CORP*W EXP 08/17/2021,391,0000.01,636,1730.85
48VERTICAL AEROSPACE LTD*W EXP 09/15/2021,148,0000.01,462,4770.78
49AURORA INNOVATION INC*W EXP 11/03/2021,090,0000.0736,5501.48
50HORIZON ACQUISITION CORPORAT*W EXP 10/19/202770,0000.01,166,6660.66

*Price per share is the stock price on the date of the portfolio.