Review of the Book Invested by Danielle Town and Phil Town

In this book review, I will write something more about the authors of the book, what is the book about, and who should read it. I’ll also tell you what I liked about the book and what didn’t and whether you should take a copy of the book

Let’s start with who are the authors of the book and what it is about.

Who Are the Authors?

Danielle Town

This book was written for the most part by Danielle Town.

Danielle spent most of her adult life avoiding investing. When she found herself stuck in an all-consuming legal career where she felt both her money and her life were out of control, she decided to give a chance to invest.

This is one of the things I like about this book. And that is that in the world of investing, people who have no motivation and desire to invest from the beginning can succeed.

Determined to regain her financial freedom and put her money to work in a socially responsible way, Danielle asked her father to help her take charge of her future by teaching her Warren Buffett–style value investing.

The luck that Danielle had with the fact that her father is already a successful investor, unfortunately almost none of us have. But what we have are authors like this who teach us in books and we can learn from them almost equally.

What began as a series of conversations between them eventually turned into a year-long investing plan and the hit personal finance podcast InvestED.

Over the course of that year, Danielle went from being an extremely reluctant investor to knowing exactly how and when to invest in wonderful companies, with help from her dad.

Phil Town

The book also has small written contributions from Phil Town. Phil, who is Danielle’s father, has twice been a New York bestseller (Rule #1) and (Payback time).

Although Phil does not play a significant role in writing the book, most of the knowledge found in the book comes from his side.

He is a very successful investor which methods are built on value investing. This investing type is used by most popular investors like Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, and Benjamin Graham.

These days he is focused on educating people around the world. So he offers workshops every month and works as a motivational speaker.

What Is This Book About?

What first caught my eye while reading this book is that it is very simply written. In other words, everyone can understand this book, from beginners to experienced investors from cover to cover.

This book describes in detail all the difficulties faced by a new investor. All his fears and doubts. We all know how scary some things can look to us when we first encounter them. That is why this book can serve as proof to us when we find ourselves in the same difficult situations that it is only a passing phase.

Throughout the book, Danielle tells us her perspective on how she was educated in the stock market by her father Phil. The book is based on Danielle’s first year of study and her father’s helpful advice.

This book also gives information about the markets until 2018 and gives predictions about what will happen next. Therefore, we can see if Danielle and Phil’s predictions were well predicted or not. It’s great that they use real numbers in their analysis which actually gives us a real sense of their presented numbers.

What is interesting about this book is that it lays out three different methods for calculating the value of shares. All of them have similar results, but they look at different things to calculate value.

Throughout the book, Danielle, also captures how our feelings about money in the present interfere with having a more prosperous future.

Who It Is Written For?

As I have already mentioned, the book Invested is written very simply and can be understood by anyone.

I believe that the highest value would be given to people who are just starting to invest. By reading this book, they will learn a mountain of it. For example, what emotions they will encounter as well as simple written methods on how to invest.

However, I also believe that experienced investors can learn a lot from this book. For instance, if you are an experienced investor you can learn more about the three valuation methods which are mentioned in the book.

Conclusion on the Book Invested

I think it would be useful to read the book, especially for those who will soon start investing in the market. Some of the tips in this book can help everyone, whether we are experienced investors or just beginners.

What I especially liked about the book is the following:

  • It is easy to understand
  • The book is using real numbers
  • Three valuation methods explained
  • Shows the emotional side of the investor

What I didn’t like about the book

  • Not so current information (updated in 2018)
  • information related to the relationship with Dad (Phil)

Although have emphasized the positive sides in the review, don’t let the negative ones scare you. These are places for improvement.

I think the book could be even better if it was updated with the current market situation. Also, the information in the book related to the relationship with Dad (Phil) was not that important to me.

I would give this book a rating of 8 out of 10. I would recommend reading the book.

if you are interested in buying this book, you can do so at the link below.

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