Current Chris Hohn – TCI Fund Management Portfolio 2021 (September 30, 2021)

Below is the latest current Chris Hohn portfolio in 2021. This is a breakdown of his TCI Fund Management portfolio positions from his fund’s 13F filings as of the third quarter in 2021.

No.NameValue% of total portfolioSharesPrice per share*
1ALPHABET INC9,521,105,00022.86%3,570,3282,666.7
2CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS INC N7,536,861,00018.10%10,359,092727.6
3MICROSOFT CORP4,703,284,00011.29%16,683,044281.9
4VISA INC4,441,482,00010.67%19,939,311222.8
5CANADIAN NATL RY CO4,246,357,00010.20%36,699,825115.7
6CANADIAN PAC RY LTD3,640,850,0008.74%55,860,38565.2
7MOODYS CORP2,330,512,0005.60%6,562,790355.1
8S&P GLOBAL INC2,045,182,0004.91%4,813,438424.9
9BOSTON PROPERTIES INC1,407,331,0003.38%12,988,749108.4
10UNION PAC CORP1,121,414,0002.69%5,721,210196.0
11IHS MARKIT LTD447,732,0001.08%3,839,242116.6
12ALEXANDRIA REAL ESTATE EQ IN199,546,0000.48%1,044,359191.1

*Price per share is the stock price on the date of the portfolio.

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